Dungeon Tales Art
by Kirk Valladares
comment by Assif

You look like a Coatl, but you're a Naga in disguise...

Dungeon Tales Banner.
So, the stumpy winged Coatl was really a nasty human headed evil snake abomination that was bent on corrupting the god-fearing village of Pearlglen and sucking it dry.

Of course, your favourite band of deed-dooers were not to be fooled and soon revealed the Naga for what she was and defeated her and her puny entourage with some fines!

Mind you, much worse than the Naga (in terms of general evilness) was that little toe-rag of a gnome. What was his excuse? Torturing and maiming those lovely sylvan creatures and keeping their skins for what? A new coat? Sick man - deserved to die horribly - pinned to the wall through the heart by 4 of Mendez's arrows :)

Everyone fought well and bravely, with not a small amount of risk though. Early on it seemed that Bodush might die. Two-thirds of his hit-points gone in one blow and Thesis, possessed, poised behind him about to strike. Fortunately Thesis fought the domination and in the next moment the Naga was utterly destroyed by burst of awesome magic from Bodush.

In the funniest incident of the climactic battle, Thesis (Str 25) found himself out grappled by a gianormous Behir, flicked up into the air and swallowed whole! No sooner had that happend that Thesis clawed his way out of the belly of the beast to find the creature disintegrating around him, thanks once again to the magic of the sorcerer!
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