Dungeon Tales Art
by Kirk Valladares
comment by Assif

A Fleshy Shambles...

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If ever proof was needed that healing should be a priority, then the senseless loss of two of our party provides it.

Having flushed out Tagati and his nefarious plans and dealt heroically with the monstrous creatures that were destroying the mines around the Yellow River, the adventurers were eager to return to normality.

Bodush teleported his friends to the security of his mansion where they would rest and recouperate. However, their plans were turned upside down when the past came back to bit Bodush and his happless friends.

Chekeeta the last progeny of Calvera whose tribe they had utterly destroyed in a series of battles and a shameful masacare, was waiting for them with cold revenge in her heart.

Unfortunately the party was ill prepared for the encounter and there were inevitable casualties. Durin in particular, still terribly injured after the fight with the stone golems only needed a couple of blows from the ogre skeleton before he succumbed. Elogyn's fate was less explicable. Not overly injured but too ready to face combat not suited for her she was curely cut down by undead and golems. Eolar could do nothing about it, his spells were not enough for the onslaught of enemies who kept appearing out of nowhere.

Bodush escaped with his life with only minor damage to his house. The house of Calvera on the otherhand had fought their final battle.

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