Dungeon Tales Art
by Kirk Valladares
comment by Assif

Tempted by the forbidden hamster fruit...

Dungeon Tales Banner.
Luscious and succulent, the last surviving hamster-man dangles from the branches of the huge willow tree at the centre of the clearing. Eolar spies him and quickly goes to his aid. But he forgets the lesson given by Roly only minutes before. "Don't go in the clearings, on pain of DEATH!". But, when did death ever worry the mighty Eolar?

Miles from the other members of the party Eolar materialises and is immediately gripped by the many branches of the tree. Unable to do much more than destroy the odd branch he is dragged incessantly toward the gaping mouth. Death is certain, even the celestial bison can only hold out a short time.

But, incredibly, he turns insubstantial as a cloud once more and floats away in a wisp. Soon the rest are summoned and the hamster is quickly saved by judicious use of invisibilty, fly and teleport. The tree is quickly burned. And the party survive.

But, the question of how they are to get off the damned island is far from resolved. Can they survive the loss of 6 hamster men? Can the ship be repaired? Will it float let-alone fly? How do hamster men breed? Can the apes be taught to man a ship?

I guess we find out next time.
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