About RoboGeek

Dear Reader,

welcome to our strange and surreal world.  As you will have noticed, RoboGeek is a short-strip style comic and we have been (fairly) strict with keeping it to just a few frames in length.  This means the content is short and sweet and story-lines play out over a number of strips.

But, you ask, what story?  I shall explain:

It all started when our main protagonist (we shall refer to him variously as “the scientist”, “Robogeek” or just RG) reached the zenith of his research and created life in the form of his robot (no name just “the robot”).  This story follows his exploits in teaching and “developing” the robot from its simple beginnings.

No mad scientist can be alone though – all our heroes need side-kicks, and RG is no exception.  Following an advert RG recruits Igor (see where we are coming from?) and he subsequently becomes a foil for much of RG’s sideways and upside-down thinking.

Other characters to make an appearance are:

Dr. Munzly – A real roboticist and doctor with actual credentials. Makes RG look rather inept.

The Wife and Kids – Just to prove RG does have a life which he studiously tries to ignore.

The Sentient Beard – RG’s true Artificial Life creation.

Thesis the Unproven – RG’s dreamstate alter-ego.

RoboGeek is drawn by Kirk Valladares and jointly authored by said “Talented One” and Assif Mirza (PhD).  All artwork and content is copyright Kirk Valladares and Assif Mirza (2007-8).