A complete history …


December 22|Merry Christmas
December 15|Perfect Landing
December 9|Screw Loose
December 1|Signs Of Life
November 25|Footprints Forever
November 17|Supermoon
November 10|Floating Like A Cannonball Doesn’t
November 4|To Badly Quip
October 28|Newtons Third
October 18|Paradox Lost
October 6|And Then There Was One
September 29|Lost In Space
September 21|Things Come To A Head
September 15|When shall we two meet again?
September 8|Same Place Same Time
September 1|Colours
August 25|A Space Joke
August 16|Time travel – comic style
August 4|Feel The Burn
July 21|Turbo Boost Engage
July 14|Young Igor’s Back
July 8|Hold On Tight
July 1|Robollo 13
June 23|Cool Off
June 16|Can You Feel It
June 9|Off Course I Know What I’m Doing!
June 2|Lost My Ball
May 26|The Cooler King
May 19|Bored Games
May 11|Angel Angles
May 3|Up Up And Away
April 25|Tick Tick Boom
April 18|The Weight Is Nearly Over
April 5|Send Off For Take Off
April 1|Yum Yum
March 29|Happy Easter!
March 24|Pecking Order
March 17|Biscuit Face
March 10|Check Out
March 3|Scot Bot
February 26|Crumb-y Bot
February 19|Your Carraige Awaits
February 16|Love Is In The Air
February 12|Bits And Bots
February 4|High Flying Instructor
January 21|MARVELous


December 22|Merry Xmas
December 10|Pimp My Bot
December 3|Hide In Plain Sight
November 26|OEM
November 19|Gone Bot
November 5|One Way Or Another
October 29|Halloween Special
October 22|Now Now Boys
October 17|Robot Sledging
October 5|Totally Tubular Man
September 24|Cleaning Up
September 17|Robots Will Take Over The World
September 13|Radio Shock
September 3|But there still is the $1m prize …
August 21|But wait …
August 13|And The Winner Is ….
August 4|Kick Out
July 4|Wrecking Ball
June 26|Igor And Spider Return
June 19|Return Of The Beard
June 5|Pitching for a place in the final
May 29|Miss Anthrope
May 22|Winning
May 14|Captain Igor Ahab
May 8|Puke Nuke
April 30|Amazing Skills
April 24|Careless Robots
April 10|Adventures Of A Lackey
April 2|Happy Easter
March 26|Agro-bot
March 20|Not All Black And White
March 13|Weeble
March 6|Mr Turing, I presume?
February 27|Genius
February 20|Arctic Igor
February 12|Weightloss Programme
February 6|Show Me The Funny
January 29|Heading For Fail
January 23|Evil Headquarters
January 15|Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!
January 9|Return Of The Beard