27th Sep 2007 : 25 Joke Attempt #2
Joke Attempt #2
September 27th, 2007

Joke Attempt #2

Hope this one hits the mark better than the previous one. Judging by the response, Kirk and I agree we maybe didn't hit the funny bone square on.

Anyway, I think we shall have had enough of denigrating my beautiful wife and will move on back to our bread and butter next week … The Robot :)

Well, as you may or may not recall The Creation did come alive way back in episode 8, however following a very brief appearance, it collapsed. Our erstwhile protagonist then suffered a pique of angst at what might await him in his new-found fame, and well … got pissed. Which of course led to a long interlude where Thesis the Barbarian fought the mythical Talos – a dream version of the robot itself as I'm sure you will have surmised (!) – and lost horribly.

So, hopefully this time, The Scientist (or was that "The Protagonist" or "The Roboticist" or just "RoboGeek" – I'm not sure anymore) will have got it right. Tune in next week to find out !

PS – if you like this (or don't and wish we'd desist forthwith) then comment and let us know. If we know more people are reading this, then we may try harder to please…


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