2nd Jan 2014 : Reality bites while I wasn’t looking
Reality bites while I wasn’t looking
January 2nd, 2014

Reality bites while I wasn’t looking

Nothing like an obscure computer-related pun to get the giggle juices flowing!

This line of thought came about when I complained that work was getting in the way of me uploading The-Talented-One’s latest comic offering and offering my homespun philosophical commentary.  That work-related blockage was in the form of customers complaining that code-bugs were somehow important and that I really should spend a little time in fixing them.   The cheek!

Anyway, there is more to the strip than mere quibbling coding-errors. Not least of which is our perennial theme of long-lost gaming gold. This time in the form of Space Invaders. While this was not my first foray into computer games, I do still remember paying to play it in a cocktail-cabinet version in a pub (which I was too young to be in).

Another is the whole “what is reality?” theme which seems to be permeating our last few strips.  Maybe reality is just our minds constructing a universe from sensory data that has its origins, not in a physical reality (whatever that is) but in a simulation running on a vast computer somewhere in Harrow with a pint of beer and an orange juice sitting on it.


  1. avatar Munzly

    Reality is what you get when somebody sends you their schedule and then does something completely different.

  2. avatar robogeek

    I just read-back my post here and I realise how obscure my jokes really are. There is a joke in that last passage, but it is buried so deep that you would have missed it without the aid of the Caudrilla Surveying Team.

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