4th Sep 2013 : Would You Adam And Eve It?
Would You Adam And Eve It?
September 4th, 2013

Would You Adam And Eve It?

Megalomaniac. Despot. Mad Scientist. Synonyms.

I think Robogeek has truly lost it this time. He seems to have some sort of biblical tourettes. But then again, maybe he is some kind of god? Not a particularly impressive or omnipotent one, more of an accidental one with a very small set of super-powers.

I do like the premise though – that religion is just organised mass superstition.  Not that the church or other religions would like themselves associated at all with superstition. Pope John-Paul II once said that Science can purify religion by removing superstition.  Surely, removing superstition also removes religion?

I really shouldn’t start down that road though – might find that Robogeek comic gets burned in fundaMENTAList demonstrations.


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  1. avatar Munzly

    Heavy stuff! Obviously based on some ancient Abramic-Babyloonian mythology, as recorded in the Marvel-Comic Bible.
    Keep it up. I’m following closely…… :D

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