12th Sep 2013 : Yellow Card For Nietzsche
Yellow Card For Nietzsche
September 12th, 2013

Yellow Card For Nietzsche

There is only one good way to find out which philosopher is right.  Of course, that is a football match.

Or a Fight.

Hang on, that’s 2 ways.

Never mind. Asimov, who wasn’t a philosopher, merely a writer of fiction (pah!) realised that maybe we need to put rules in place to keep robots in their place. But I’ve always thought that would never work. Not because rules wouldn’t be enforceable or that the rules might somehow have holes in them. But because the software is written by programmers. Who, actually write more fantastical loose prose than the writers I mentioned earlier.

In fact the “software is a steaming pile of do-do” issue is only slightly overshadowed by an even bigger problem. Quite good programmers who like a challenge.  Yes the virus writers. Nothing to stop a well written carefully targeted piece of kernel code from circumventing any rule you put in place.

But, don’t worry. We are unlikely every to have to answer the question of robot sentience. Mainly because we can confuse the hell out of any robot and make it blow its logic fuses with a simple pair of sentences:

The next sentence is false. The previous sentence is true.


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  1. avatar Munzly

    Ah! Another Twikiphiliac……
    As for software, I can but repeat what Robbie from Forbidden Planet, might say or was it his alter lego in “Lost in Space?” “Does not compute!”

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