19th May 2016 : Bored Games
Bored Games
May 19th, 2016

Bored Games

Is this a good time to talk about our Board Games group?

Middle-aged Boys playing Dominion, King of Tokyo, RoboRally, Suburbia, Roll For The Galaxy, Cosmic Encounter, Boss Monster, Star Relams, Eclipse, Colosseum, Agricola, … I could go on.

No, you are right, it is never a good time :S

PS – no silly comments about how come they found extra weight allowance for a baseball bat!
PPS – like, if that was the only internally inconsistent logical problem with this strip :S
PPPS – Twister, really? Nobody wants to play twister anymore other than drunk “uncles” at birthday parties
PPPPS – Blow football. Now that’s a great game!

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