29th Mar 2013 : 75 An Easter Message
An Easter Message
March 29th, 2013

An Easter Message

Look at that, no Robogeek comics in over three years and then three come along all at once. Typical.

My guess is that the Talented-One is having yet-another-mid-life. This one not involving scooters.  Either that or his gaming group has come to an end and he is having to channel his energies into a different pursuit :S

By the way, lest you be offended by the use of analogies to another one who had risen, then let me reassure you, spring time has always been about new life arising from the long dead earth.  The cycle of life, the chicken and egg. And of course oodles of chocolatey yummy treats :D


  1. avatar Tix

    Hooray for more Robogeek!

  2. avatar joebroesel

    The Talented-One is back!! Praised are the geek heavens! You almost tricked me because the rss-feed has changed for some reason and not immediately notified me of the new content! Looking forward to all the new comics!

  3. avatar insanodag

    He has arisen!

  4. avatar admin

    Joy! Readers!
    Let me know if the RSS is working, it would be good to know if it is actually useful.
    Best, Assif

  5. avatar joebroesel

    RSS seems to work now. Only the link had changed. The latest comic came over the feed :)

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