22nd May 2015 : Winning
May 22nd, 2015


A wise man might have said: try to win fairly, and if you can’t win fairly, cheat. Or something pithy like that.

In any case our now mercilessly ruthless robot understands that it has to win the race to the moon, but at what cost? Can a robot have a sense of morality? [My answer would of course be: Yes, if you code it into it's decision-maker-function.]
As a reader commented before, it does seem out of character for the Robot; but then it does seem in character for the Scientist – and it is the Scientist that programmed the Robot …

Whatever – the comic strip is funny and that’s all I really care about!
Nice one Mr Talented-One.


  1. avatar Munzly

    Not so much Terminator as Eliminator…. :) )

  2. avatar Munzly

    Hum, you need to set your “Smiley” engine to do “Laughing”, etc.

  3. avatar Joebroesel

    I guess you thought ze German does not follow you anymore….Ha!

    Very nice take on the Halfling-Dragon Principle:If you find yourself in the company of a halfling and an ill-tempered dragon, remember that you do not have to outrun the dragon! :)
    But following the experience with our robots, you would just have to make sure to fall forward. Most of the others won’t make it that far :D

  4. avatar robogeek

    You are right of course – we do repeat the same jokes – be it in comic or roleplay form ;)
    And yes, despite what the “lay” public may think, robotics is nearer termite than terminator.
    Nice to have you back!

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