14th May 2015 : Captain Igor Ahab
Captain Igor Ahab
May 14th, 2015

Captain Igor Ahab

Well at least it is warm and cosy inside the Whale. Probably too cosy for my liking.
I wonder if he can direct the whale from inside? Maybe he can negotiate with it an ask it to swim round to the west coast of the USA?
In any case, I can’t really see Igor coming back anytime soon. The scientist will just have to cope by himself. In any case the robot appears to be doing just fine in his tests …


  1. avatar Munzly

    Igor to Jonah: “Why do whales have tails?”
    Jonah to Igor: “It’s just a FLUKE really…….”

  2. avatar robogeek

    Munzly old chap – you genuinely made my day :)

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