10th Apr 2015 : Adventures Of A Lackey
Adventures Of A Lackey
April 10th, 2015

Adventures Of A Lackey

I know many of you will have been asking “But, where is Igor anyway?” after his cameo appearance in our Easter message. ¬†As you will by now realise, he is on an Extraordinary Adventure. A humorous aside to distract you from our main story line while we think of where this Space plot is going ;)

But, if I were you, I’d be asking “Where is that Evil Beard?” or indeed “I miss spider, he can’t swim can he?”. These are much more important questions.




  1. avatar Eric

    Is spider working with the evil beard? (Gasp)

  2. avatar Munzly

    With all that open space, won’t he suffer from Igoraphobia?

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