24th Apr 2015 : Careless Robots
Careless Robots
April 24th, 2015

Careless Robots

They were just careless, Boss.

As the Mafioso might say “If you can’t win by fighting fair, fight foul. Or have a third party do your fighting” or even “Fortune is on the side of the strong”

Rather puts our robot in a bad light, I admit. But at least he’s a fighter!

Don’t worry – the damage is probably just superficial – they will be back, for sure!


  1. avatar Munzly

    Tripped? Was Robo handing out some sort of hallucinogenic lubricant perhaps? I don’t see him as a violent mechanoid.

  2. avatar robogeek

    You are right of course – a bit out of character for our cuddly mechanoid. That’s what the pressure of competition will do to you :S

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