13th Mar 2008 : 49 7th Author
7th Author
March 13th, 2008

7th Author

Academia – a viper’s-pit of machinations and Machiavellian snide-backstabbing

Now, The-Talented-One and I had a bit of a disagreement over this one. Below is his preferred version – what do you think?

Now, you may also be interested in what might be in this wonderful publication of ours … well, for the academically minded among you – here is the brief abstract:

Sentient Artificial Lifeforms: From Circuits to Consciousness
R. Geek, I. Asimov, F. Stein, T. Lady, G. String, M.T. Head and I.Gor

The development of robotic cognition and the advancement of understanding of human cognition form two of the current greatest challenges in robotics. Our aim is to develop an embodied robotic entity with human-like cognitive abilities developed over the and ontogenetic timeframe. This paper considers kinematic structures dynamic design criteria, actuator specification and selection, and detailed mechanical and electronic design. The paper concludes with tests of the performance of sample joints, and simple benchmark cognitive tests, namely: the “bottle drink test” and the “speech profanity understanding” test.

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