21st Nov 2014 : Robot Rally Model
Robot Rally Model
November 21st, 2014

Robot Rally Model

Well, we don’t have a comic update for you today so we thought we’d share a little whimsy with you.

The Talented-One and I indulge our geeky passions every now and then with a board game night with a few friends. Recently we’ve been playing a game called “Robot Rally”. A rather ridiculous game that invloves setting up a robot to travel accross a factory floor over machinery, round obstacles, onto moving conveyor belts – and avoiding being shot by lasers!

Well we’d had a few rather memorable games of Robot rally when the Talented-One rocked up with his very own model of a robot based on the Robot from Robogeek.
Needless to say he swept the floor with us!

Kindest regards to all of you and we’ll see you all again next Thursday or Friday with a new installment – proper comic this time – promise ;)

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