28th Nov 2013 : The Sum Of All Robot Knowledge
The Sum Of All Robot Knowledge
November 28th, 2013

The Sum Of All Robot Knowledge

if the sum of all human knowledge could be condensed and folded and compressed and squeezed to a level where an ordinary person could absorb it, I wonder what it would look like?

Of course Google is the modern oracle, so, I typed “The Sum of All Human Knowledge” into its image search.

Guess what the 3rd image was? A picture of Trinny and Susanah’s book “What Not To Wear”. Really? Third??

If you think that is somewhat vacuous, then just a few pictures down is both a salt-beef sandwich and a hot-dog.

I don’t know what to make of that at all.

Except that I feel a little peckish.


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  1. avatar joebroesel

    I fully agree with the beef sandwich! What else is there to know? Apart from where to get one :)

    If that is not satisfying enough for you, try this approach: http://imgur.com/oEXYFZw

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