16th Oct 2013 : Dead Cats
Dead Cats
October 16th, 2013

Dead Cats

It may not be a cat or indeed dead, but I bet we can find 101 uses for it.  That is the power of the internet, or at least it would be if anyone ever read this blog :P

The robot in this comic is something special – it spends 99% of its time up and running.  All the robots I’ve ever worked with are the opposite.  Usually because they are broken, or they have been relegated to the cupboard by a new more shiny robot.  Trouble is lab professors never let you take the robot out and use it as a scarecrow / croquet-hoop / roller-skates …


  1. avatar Lucas valladares

    hey dqaddy love u :) :) you are epic + awesome 80 episodes of robogeek

  2. avatar Lucas valladares

    sorry that i used your website for my comment,I don’t have one :(

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