24th Oct 2013 : Cmos Time
Cmos Time
October 24th, 2013

Cmos Time

You may think that when your computer (and therefore robot) is off that it really is off. But, are you sure? Are you really sure? What about standby? Or the little battery that keeps the cmos clock running? In the case of a highly complex robot, there are so many processes and parts, something must still be going, somewhere in the cloud!


  1. avatar Lucas valladares

    hey whats behind the dark?
    and whats the gag about time?
    When will we continue Dungeons and dragons

  2. avatar robogeek

    Hi Lucas,
    It is dark because the robot is off and these are the ghostly thoughts going through his “mind”. As you probably know, computers, tellys and robots are rarely off – they just go into standby.
    And, even if you really think you have turned a computer off, there is still a little battery keeping the clock running so when the computer is back on the time is correct!
    So, of course the robot knows what time it is, but hasn’t got enough systems running to know what the word “time” means!
    Look out for a continuation of this gag in a couple of strips time ….

  3. avatar Lucas valladares

    Thamnks for saying, It makes more sense then.
    See ya!

  4. avatar Sasha Valladares

    Hey there Assif and Padre, loving this plot sequence!

    Think the strip is very funny and also thought-provoking. Will be sure to check it more regularly from now on!

    You might be interested in the Experience Machine thought experiment by Nozick (brief summary here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Experience_machine) if you’re delving into true reality vs apparent reality/ consciousness philosophy.

  5. avatar robogeek

    Welcome Sasha – it gives me great pleasure (real-world!) to welcome you to our strange and weird world.
    You must get The Talented-One to sketch you into a strip or two.
    Maybe the theme can be Nozick’s Thought Experiment. Which, by the way, completely blew my circuits.

  6. avatar Lucas>valladares

    hey sasha,
    wow, you must be working hard, You’ve got asif confused!
    I agree this is an awesome storyline so…

  7. avatar Lucas>valladares


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