21st May 2013 : Knock Knock Joke Robogeek Style
Knock Knock Joke Robogeek Style
May 21st, 2013

Knock Knock Joke Robogeek Style

In an attempt to get back to the essential point of a comic strip we thought we’d tell you all a Knock-Knock joke.  But because it is RoboGeek we have managed ruin the joke by trying to explain more of the robot’s AI and image processing difficulties.

So having managed to associate a person with a simplified processed image and even work out a little bit of hierarchical structure in there too, the robot is tripped up by a door being in the way.  Again, this is a real-world research area; resolution of multiple possibly conflicting sensory cues. Weirdly a common solution is to use a voting system to decide which cues to pay attention to.  Imagine that, your brain is polling its constituent control areas and deciding which to listen to – sometimes as a democracy, other times with certain systems being able to veto, and yet other times over-riding the input from all its senses in a Stalin-esque dictatorial fashion!

For all you die-hard RoboGeek fans out there, take a closer look at the background.  What do you see?

Cups, yes – discarded cups of tea – an obsession of the Talented-One (Tea – not the cups per-se).

But also ….. yes ….. The Beard!  I missed him/it :)

But wait, there is yet more:  “Inconceivable”, why use that word of all the words available? Well, it is from a quote from the Talented-One’s favourite film. Guess which film?

And of course there is iDoor, iGor again!

And you thought we just knocked these up with the minimal effort!

EDIT: You may have noticed that the last frame has changed which makes the Inconceivable gag comment superfluous.  The film, by the way, was Princess Bride!


  1. avatar Munzly

    A cretinoid construct called iGor,
    Craved a compatible chum to adore,
    But Robo was made out of rivets and bolts,
    Its only desires being amps watts’n'volts,
    And confused poor iGor with the door!

  2. avatar robogeek

    Welcome back Sir!

    And a great poem to show us what real talent is ;)

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