6th Feb 2014 : I’m Losing My Mind!
I’m Losing My Mind!
February 6th, 2014

I’m Losing My Mind!

It does feel like something has just fallen out sometimes.

As always I am enjoying the little details – return of The Beard, The Battle of Beard vs Spider, Strange Guy with Mutton-Chops in the photo frame …

OK – I probably should have got it straight away. ┬áIt is Mr Asimov, of course.

Mind you, I could be excused as his books generally didn’t have pictures of him in them. By the way, I’ve only ever read The Foundation Trilogy – and watched Bicentenial Man – which is, in fact, all you really need to know about IA and his robots :)



  1. avatar Munzly

    I think a portrait of James Blish (Cities in Flight etc) might be nice sometime. Maybe Robbie could then be fitted with a Spindizzy so he doesn’t step on the spider….. :D

  2. avatar Munzly

    Perhaps he should try over-clocking his chip so he goes back in time to recover his extensions….. ;)

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