26th Jun 2015 : Igor And Spider Return
Igor And Spider Return
June 26th, 2015

Igor And Spider Return

We’ve got there The Scientist, The Robot, Igor, Spider and Beard are all in one place!

Scratch that – Robot is still undergoing selection training at the X-Prize. He has a pseudo-replacement though – a proxy if you like – in the rumbling Roomba!

Can we doubt that with the full team in place that the Robot will win the mission to the moon and make the UK proud!

PS – You can tell it is Google HQ by the way because of the rather snazzy Android poster on the wall. (As opposed to in an alleyway outside of Google HW evidenced by the 80′s posters in last week’s strip.)

PPS – Who said we were not on the fashion pulse – it appears large hairy beards are in!

PPPS – The-Talented-One intimated there might be a link in the strip to Humans (C4). If there is I can’t find it!
EDIT: apparently there is no link, but I am fully gripped by the series so far :) Also image slightly updated so press F5 to refresh (unless you are on a Mac – I have no help for you)

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