9th Mar 2014 : Who’s In Charge Anyway?
Who’s In Charge Anyway?
March 9th, 2014

Who’s In Charge Anyway?

So many voices. So many brains.

But who is in charge?

Back-up? CMOS? Smart-watch? Or the robot itself.


A touch of schizophrenia? Maybe not. But we all have many brains in us. ¬†Archaic systems that keep us breathing. Systems that give us our “animal” instincts. ¬†Higher cognitive processes. Even mini-brains that relay fast responses to stimuli (e.g. “knee-jerk” reflexes).

None of these is made by Sony though, I hope!


  1. avatar Munzly

    He has a sony disposition, I assume? :) )

  2. avatar robogeek

    Hats off to you M – a better joke than mine :)

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