18th Mar 2014 : There’s no “i” in Team
There’s no “i” in Team
March 18th, 2014

There’s no “i” in Team

I am loving the internal dialog. Especially when you put voices to them:

Back-up has a Sly Stallone sort of “thugishness”

Sony has a C3PO smack-me-in-the-face sort of voice

and of course, from now on, CMOS has the voice of the deformed Fratelli brother Sloth from The Goonies!

But, then again, he finishes with a Dick Dastardly “Curses! Foiled again!”  – I think, given his lowly position on the hierarchy though, I’m sticking with Sloth.

Hey, You Guys!

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  1. avatar Lucas>valladares

    :) Come on Back-up!

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