15th Sep 2016 : When shall we two meet again?
When shall we two meet again?
September 15th, 2016

When shall we two meet again?

So, I finally delved into the maths. You will of course have noticed that the spaceships are going just a little bit too fast. About 4 times as fast in fact.
The distance to the sun is about 91million miles. So to make it to the sun in around a year they should be going at a constant speed of about 10500miles an hour.
(Of course spaceships should accelerate and decelerate, but I’m going to ignore that)
So, tell me, if one spaceship was traveling at 10000 mph and the other at 12000, a) where would they meet? and b) how far into their journey?

On the comic side, I think this week’s strip is a corker. Not least because we blatantly copied the late great Terry Pratchet’s gag. He was a genius. In a silly hat.

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