17th Mar 2016 : Biscuit Face
Biscuit Face
March 17th, 2016

Biscuit Face

Mmmm … as a kid, foil wrapped biscuits were the very height of luxury, and Viscount was the king. I never did much like the orange ones, and I now understand that Burtons/Lyons have discontinued them.

The Talented-One has given me another exciting treat to speak about this week. Yes, it is that marvellous Speak-and-Spell machine revealed inside The Robot’s casing. Can you even imagine such a thing – a kids toy – made in the 70′s – that sounds like a robot that can speak hundred of words while correcting your spelling.

This thing was light years ahead of its time – one of the very first toys with any kind of display, a speech synthesis chip that used recorded phonemes to be able to speak hundreds of words. And you could even buy game cartridges for it!

Truly a thing of wonder.

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