21st Jan 2016 : MARVELous
January 21st, 2016


I’ve always liked robots with multiple limbs.
I think it is a natural configuration for a multi-versatile robot. Limbs can be used for moving over uneven terrain while also being able to be used for grasping and holding from multiple angles.
We sort of expect robots that exist with us to somehow reflect us, but inspiration is there from all forms of life.
The most successful robot ever – Roomba – is more of a Woodlouse than a Human.
DARPA’s Mule is four legged and is incredibly stable.
Many swarming robots are inspired by Ants – probably the most successful invertebrate ever.
And so on.
Maybe it is time for Spidee-bot?
Mask and all!


  1. avatar SPIDER

    haha :)

  2. avatar Munzly

    “grasping and holding from multiple angles.” – now we know what Miss Muffet was rearly afraid of.

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