11th Dec 2007 : Korean Ramblings
Korean Ramblings
December 11th, 2007

Korean Ramblings

The robot is clearly loosing his marbles (ball-bearings??) so, he has been put to work as a burlesque dancer (see right).

We found a kindly old gentleman to translate his ramblings. Apparently he was saying:

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘I found it!’ but ‘That’s funny …’

Isaac Asimov

How about that, quite meaningful.

Kirk has already prepared the next strip (we need to give him some proper work to do instead!), but I will, as tradition dictates, wait till tomorrow evening to post it. Be warned though, it is bordering on the faintly amusing, and may cause seizures.

PS: for you movie fans out there, the film reference was in fact Planet of the Apes … nothing quite so high brow or challenging next week …

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