9th Jul 2008 : 67 Feline Felicitations on Forty-One
Feline Felicitations on Forty-One
July 9th, 2008

Feline Felicitations on Forty-One

A little birthday special. Thanks to Kirk!
Actually I am not sure I get it – but that is probably due to me being – in a jocular-comprehension sense – over-the-hill.
And, of course, if you don’t get it either – maybe you too are getting old before your time. So I advise you to laugh and then go home and try to work it out in private.

PS – this post is strangely appropriate – not just because of the birthday – but also because I am off to Rome this weekend which seems to have a rather strange obsession with cats and old-ladies that husband them rather like so many goats.

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