22nd Feb 2014 : Time For An Upgrade
Time For An Upgrade
February 22nd, 2014

Time For An Upgrade

Awake and upgraded!

We have been used to computer memory doubling in capacity every year and a half, but at some time that has to stop, surely? Chips will get so small that a stray atom could take out great chunks of your memories.  At the very least there have to be quantum effects and things could get very strange indeed.

I can’t help thinking though it is not sheer quantity of memory we require to make a human-like robot, but completely differently designed storage that somehow replicates the brains amazing tricks.  We need analogue feedback circuits with chaotic behaviour that reaches stable states that we call memories when fed with sensory stimulus.

I certainly couldn’t design one. But I’m damn sure The Talented One could draw it!

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  1. avatar Munzly

    Yep! As I write I can see a heap of redundant computers in the corner. Probably only suitable for reinforcing flood defences!

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