7th Nov 2013 : Time Catches Up With All Of Us
Time Catches Up With All Of Us
November 7th, 2013

Time Catches Up With All Of Us

So, this is where all the “robot is off but not off” was going!

Yes, it was a cheap gag about being chased by the CMOS clock :)

I’m sure you will all appreciate the pacman reference though – surely one of the greatest computer games ever made.  I remember playing it both in the arcade and on my BBC micro (as Snapper! – A perfect conversion). I have such nostalgia for it that recently I built a mock arcade control panel and using it I play (mainly) 3 games – Pacman, Defender and Joust. But the background of the arcade emulator is – you guessed – a pacman tribute!

Gosh – I hope you will excuse that old-timer geek outburst.  But, you know, time catches up with all of us!


  1. avatar Munzly

    Neat twist. I like it! :) )

  2. avatar Lucas valladares

    I know i didnt think u wrote comments ‘munzly’

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